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MEAG-Power Update
We have completed the Automatic Pressure Ramp at MEAG-Power. The plant is located near
Carrollton, GA within the Georgia Power Wansley Station. The MEAG-Power plant is a 2x2x1
combined cycle plant using GE 7FA Gas Turbines with duct burners, producing approximately
560MW. The MEAG plant was having many of the same issues that new combined cycle plant are
having. Many of the sub-system such as Drum Levels, Steam Temperatures, Performance Heaters
and Variable Speed BFPs were not set up properly during commissioning. After about three visits
we were able to correct most of their major concerns and reduce their startup time by about 45
minutes. We hope to continue working with the MEAG-Power station in the future as they continue
to refine their operation.
Cottonwood Energy
Dewyville, TX
Why You Should Consider Us

A total of nearly 60 years of Combined Cycle and Fossil Power experience!

DCS, PLC, Analog, Digital, Relay and Pneumatic system experience!

System troubleshooting, tuning and logic development!

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Our Mission

Our mission is to help you make your Power Plant as efficient and reliable as possible by optimising
sub-system control through effective tuning and performance matching of the existing
components. Increased sub-system automation can provide a greater degree of repeatable cost
saving performance and in most cases, overall reliability.
Bajio Energia
San Luis de la Paz, Mexico
How We Can Help

Comprehensive review of DCS logic. Evaluation of total system performance and tuning.
Recommend areas for improvement as well as address your current control concerns. Develop
automation enhancements and/or block level control sub-groups to allow operations personnel to
concentrate on more important issues during startup and shutdown. By using block level
automation it is possible to enhance your plant in small increments as time permits. We can also
help you to identify areas of unnecessary loss. Small losses can add up to big money over even a
few weeks or months. Many of the plants we have visited have benefited a great deal from these
types of corrections.

In addition we can help you develop new capabilities such as AGC (Automatic Governor Control)
and multi-unit Plant Master Control.
Spalding Energy, Lincolnshire England Aug 2005