Services We Provide

    We provide services involving DCS (Distributed Control System) PLC (Programmable Logic
    Controllers) and other automatic control systems. Our primary client base is in the Power Industry,
    but we are not limited to this area. We have vast experience with process steam and co-
    gerneration plants as well as balance of plant (BOP) control systems.

    We offer a variety of services relating to total plant control. The benefits of these services are;
    improved performance through effective dynamic tuning to optimize all of the plants sub-systems
    and join them into a single harmonious system. There are a number of possible areas for
    improvement. Proper alignment and tuning is the first area that should be addressed. Define sub-
    systems that can help improve overall performance and repeatability through automation.
    Repeatability will generally improve predictability which in turn can effect the operational bottom

    We also provide total system upgrade or replacement services including System specification,
    programming, I/O allocation, console database and graphic development as well as startup and
    commissioning services.

    Our pricing is well below OEM service representative rates because we don't have their
    monstrous overhead. However, we do have, in most cases, the experience that they don't. Our
    services are crucial in todays highly competitive Power Industry.

    Our combined experience totals nearly 60 years.

    We currently service eleven power stations in six countries
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