William (Bill) and Maria (Edna) Harkleroad
Cottonwood Energy, Deweyville, Texas
David (Dave) and Carol Harkleroad
Rijnmond Energie, Rotterdam, Netherlands
Cottonwood Energy, Deweyville, Texas
Magnolia Energy, Ashland Mississippi
Meghnaghat Power Station, Baranagar, Sonargoan,
    About Our Business

    Hello, my name is William (Bill) Harkleroad.

    I have been actively working in the controls industry for over 30 years. During my tenure I have been
    involved in numerous new unit utility startups of fossil (gas, oil, coal) and combined cycle power
    stations. In addition I have spent a great deal of time in the consulting side of this industry designing
    advanced control logic and automation sequences for various plant sub-systems. Over the years I
    have watched this industry go from one with great expertise to one with little. Today, many so called
    DCS engineers primarily know hardware and programming. Very few truly have the experience and
    process knowledge required to tune and optimize your plants controls.

    Todays power market is particularly challenging. New technologies and merchant plants have
    changed the game. New regulations that require a higher degree of repeatable performance and
    efficiency as well as reliability have come into play. All of these things are making it more difficult to
    maintain a competitive edge.

    New plants in particular have fallen victim to the lack of expertise in this field. In many cases systems
    are left incomplete or non-functional by startup personnel. It is my belief that this is due to their lack
    of understanding of the processes involved. I have encountered numerous new plants recently that
    were unable to run even the most basic sub-systems in automatic with any reliability. Fortunately,
    these conditions are not terminal, but do impact your plants ability to remain competitive.

    We began this venture for exactly these reasons. I have worked as an OEM representative and a
    construction startup engineer, but found them to be either unwilling to or unconcerned about
    optimizing plant performance. This was not always the case. But, today it is a major problem in this

    In the past two and a half years we have helped 14 plants with 23 units totaling 32 Gas Turbines and
    23 Steam Turbines recover there competitive edge and we continue to expand our client base. This is
    only possible because we can continue to demonstrate our ability to provide superior automation
    capabilities and reliable technical expertise for our clients.

    Hello, my name is David (Dave) Harkleroad (PE)

    I have more than 27 years experience designing control systems to control all equipment and
    processes for boilers of all types, from small package boilers, either steam or fire tube, to large utility
    boilers operating at super critical pressures producing in excess of 5,000,000 pph of steam and
    Combined Cycle. I have designed systems for both bubbling bed and circulating bed fluidized bed
    boilers. I have also designed systems for all types of boilers from Combustion Engineering
    Tangentially fired units to Babcock and Wilcox Compartmented wind box and others. The above boiler
    control system designs use all types of fuels from natural gas to oil including diesel and bunker C to
    pulverized coal to cyclone furnaces and auxiliary fuels such as trash and tires.

    My responsibilities for the control of the above boiler types include loops for Coordinated Masters
    control, Throttle pressure control, Feedwater and Drum level control, Superheat and Reheat
    temperature control, Furnace pressure, Secondary air duct pressure, Tertiary air flow, over fire air,
    Excess oxygen, NOx reduction and others depending on boiler type and size.

    In addition my responsibilities have included designing control systems for all of the plant auxiliary
    equipment such as pump and fan motor control logic, coal handling and soot blower system digital
    sequential controls as well as Burner Management Systems for the above boilers that are in
    compliance with the latest NFPA safety codes.

    My experience includes programing all of the above designs into what ever vendor control systems
    the client has purchased. Typically these are large Distributed Control Systems from major DCS
    manufactures such as ABB/Bailey Controls, Foxboro, Westinghouse and Fisher/Rosemount. I am also
    able to design and programing operator interface graphics to provide operator manual/automatic
    interfaces for the above control systems and provide written training manuals on operation of the
    above controls and providing training on the controls, control interfaces and process control

    Startup services for the above control systems at the clients facility is also provided insuring that the
    client is satisfied with the design, operation and economy provided by the controls.

    Our Current Customer Base -

Kelson Energy
    In the U.S.A. -
    Cottonwood Energy (4 1x1x1 combined cycle units).
    Magnolia Energy (3 1x1x1 combined cycle units).
    Redbud Energy (4 1x1x1 combined cycle units).

    In the U.K. -
    Rocksavage Energy (1 2x2x1 combined cycle units).
    Spalding Energy (1 2x2x1 combined cycle units).
    Coryton Energy - (1 2x2x1 combined cycle units).

    In the Netherlands -
    Rijnmond Energie (1 2x2x1 combined cycle units).

    In Mexico -
    La Rosita (1 3x3x1 and 1 1x1x1 combined cycle units).
    Bajio (1 3x3x1 combined cycle unit).
    In Bangladesh -
    Meghnaghat Power (1 2x2x1 combined cycle unit).
    Haripur Power (1 1x1x1 combined cycle unit).

    In Pakistan -
    Fauji Kabirwala Power (1 2x2x1 combined cycle unit).

    In the U.S.A. -
    Wansley Unit 9 (1 2x2x1 combined cycle unit). Operated and Maintained by GE Power Services

NAEA-Newington Energy
    In the U.S.A. -
    Newington Energy (1 2x2x1 combined cycle unit). Operated and Maintained by GE Power Services

Air Liquide
    In the Netherlands -
    Pergen Project - EuroPoort, Rotterdam (1 2x2x1 split HRSG co-generation unit). New commissioning
    and start-up.

PSEG- Guadalupe Power Partners
    In the U.S.A. -
    Guadalupe Power (2 2x2x1Combined Cycle unit)

Alstom Power
    In the UK -
    Coryton Energy (1 2x2x1 combined cycle unit). B2 Turbine upgrades

Balkan Energy
    In the Ghana -
    Balkan Energy (1 2x2x1 combined cycle unit). New unit startup - floating barge platform.

    While the list above is comprised of combined cycle plants, We also have a wealth of fossil
    experience including pulverized coal, stokers, #6 fuel oil and natural gas fired, sub-critical and super-
    critical conventional power plants.