“Bill is without question the best overall Power Plant automation
professional I have ever worked with. He is not only excellent with
the DCS (Bailey Infi 90) but is expert on the process. A difficult
combination to find. He helped me to custom automate the
Cottonwood Energy plant starting directly after commissioning
resulting in tens of thousands of dollars in savings and minimizing
operator mistakes during the plant starts daily. Bill has also done
work for one of my projects in Bangladesh and was able to resolve
GT control issues that the OEM was unable to resolve for more
than 3 years. I would recommend him to anyone seeking to
optimize their control systems and can say with certainty that his
work will pay for itself quickly.”
Ed Barndt
Owner - Barndt Consulting

“To whom it may concern, I’ve worked with Bill on a major
combined cycle power project and have been associated with him
both professionally and personally for over five years. Bill’s
diversified knowledge and experience of both coal/oil fired thermal
and combined cycle power plants is unparalleled in the industry. He
is definitely in the upper echelon with his controls and operation
knowledge. Very few controls engineers have the detailed
knowledge of all electro/mechanical systems in a power plant that
Bill has. He has the uncanny ability to see the interrelationship of
all systems in a power plant working in unison as one machine.
This holistic, one machine perception Bill possesses has enabled
him to solve complicated problems few engineers, if any, could
have solved.”
Michael (Mick) Castine,
Program Manager Stanley Baker Hill Gulf Region Division Iraq
Electric Sector

“Total Automation Consulting Services improved and automated
our control system at a prior plant to very close to a "one-button"
startup. Bill has provided control systems tuning at my current
plant which have saved this plant close to 10 minutes per hot start
which equates to approximately $100,000 per year in startup costs.”
Keith Feemster
Maintenance Manager - GE Power Services – MEAG-Power
“While I have only worked with Bill during the last year, the
company has hired him for jobs many times in the past...a
testament to the fact that he provides a good service. Bill is detail
oriented, adaptable (as an operating plant, he must be prepared to
adjust his schedule based on our operational requirements) and is
both knowledgeable and professional. He consistently solves
problems in an innovative manner, provides follow-up and
documents his work. A pleasure to do business with!”
Kaye Emmons
Plant Engineer – Azteca Energia – La Rosita Power Station

“Bill has performed a variety of tasks that helped to automate one
of the power plants I worked at. This resulted in significant cost
savings for the facility. I highly recommend his services.”
Gary Couture
Compliance Supervisor - Cogentrix

“Bill is a highly motivated self Starter. Bill's experience and
expertise in process control is unrivaled in the industry. Bill's
knowlege of power production control and his vast startup
experience make him a superior engineer.”
David Harkleroad PE
Partner – Total Automation Consulting Services

“Bill is one of the most talented people I've ever met in the field of
Power Plant Automation and Control Systems. He really knows
what he's doing and it shows by the success he has with his clients
in making a power plant really sing!”
Tim Channell
DCS Commissioning Engineer, Bechtel Power Corporation

 Bruce Weber
 Sr Control Specialist, Sega Inc.

“Bill did a great job providing tuning services to optimize our plant
controls. We now have much better drum level control,
desuperheater operation, and Boiler Feed Pump controls stability.
All of these changes have improved plant reliability. We plan to
have Bill back next Spring/Summer to continue the tuning work.”
December 4, 2007

  Michael Whelan
  Plant Manager at General Electric, Greater Atlanta area
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